Protect Floors and Door Jambs During Construction with Ram Board

Construction is a messy business. And most of the mess ends up on the floor, making it necessary to protect the floor from damage during construction. In fact, 90 percent of construction projects require temporary floor protection. Ram Board heavy-duty temporary floor protection, available from McCray Lumber and Millwork, is the perfect solution. Ram Board has been the top choice for temporary floor protection in the construction industry for more than 10 years and is often requested by some of the country’s top retail chains for their construction and remodeling projects.

Ram Board heavy-duty, Flex-Fiber reinforced temporary floor protection protects all types of new and existing floors, including concrete, tile, stone, linoleum, wood, terrazzo, epoxy, vinyl composition tile, and most other floor types, during construction. Ram Board is breathable, allowing moisture and vapors to escape so floors can continue curing while bring protected from spills and impact. It can also be used to protect countertops, wall surfaces, stairs, and other surfaces.

Ram Board includes a number of features that set it apart from the competition, including:

  • Wall Guard is Ram Board’s newest feature that provides a crease line at 4”, 8”, and 12” to provide multiple heights of protection for walls, baseboards and perimeters.
  • Spill Guard is an exclusive Ram Board technology that protects against water, paint, mud, and more for days while still remaining breathable.
  • Flex-Fiber is Ram Board’s uniquely engineered feature that provides unmatched protection from impact while remaining flexible.

McCray Lumber and Millwork carries Ram Board in 38” x 100’ rolls, which covers 317 square feet, the equivalent of 10 sheets of Masonite. It rolls out quickly and easily to let you get to work faster. Ram Board is reusable. Simply sweep or vacuum thoroughly before rerolling it. Ram Board is made of 100 percent recycled materials and contributes toward LEED points. It is also recyclable.

McCray Lumber and Millwork also carries Ram Board Door Jamb Protection in 60” length. This product offers heavy-duty jamb protection from dents, dings, and scratches, and fits 4” to 9” door jamb widths. No tape or adhesive is required. Simply snap the product on the door jamb. This is the ideal solution for construction, remodeling, and even moving. Like Ram Board floor protection, it is 100 percent recyclable.