Pros and Cons of Deck Building Materials

When you’re trying to find the best building materials Kansas City for your decking, there are three main types to choose from. All of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and one you choose will depend on your lifestyle, your budget, and your own personal taste.

Composite is a material that combines wood and plastic. This allows it to be much more resistant to things such as insects and excess moisture buildup. While many customers are attracted to these benefits, they often don’t like the unnatural feel of the deck once installed; and not all composite complies with building codes in all areas. Because of the added protection, composite decks are typically a bit more expensive.

Treated wood
Wood that has been treated is very popular because it helps protect against the elements, and is the most affordable type of deck material you could buy. However, make sure that the wood has been dried after treatment or it will likely crack once in place.

Natural wood
This is the most desirable type of deck material, but it’s also the most expensive. Natural wood looks best on a deck, especially when it’s brand new. Natural wood boards are also resistant to cracking, and they lie very flat without warping. However, natural wood is much softer and so is more susceptible to things such as scratching and gouging.

While you will have many different choices for the material you use for your deck, these are the three most common. When you want an even bigger selection, or you want to hear about even more choices, call us at McCray Lumber and Millwork!