Flower boxes from leftover decking materials

Projects that Use Leftover Deck Materials

Finally – you have installed the deck of your dreams. Now all that there is left to do is enjoy it – and find a place for the leftover materials. Since you were a smart homeowner and purchased decking in small excess so there’d never be a need to panic during construction, there is a good chance you have at least a few extra boards laying around. Instead of letting those pieces sit there for months, take a little time to transform that lumber into lasting, valuable home additions.

Three projects that can be completed with your leftover decking include:

Flower Box
If you opted for composite decking, a flower box is the perfect project to use up the last of your materials. Composite decking is not only stylish, but select kinds like Deckorators® Eovations™ can withstand ground and soil impact thanks to the material’s incredible strength. Simply secure the boards together in your preferred dimensions, and you will have a beautiful backyard addition in no time.

Side Table
No outdoor living area is complete without a place to set your drink. Even if you only have a couple of leftover decking boards, you can assemble a side table for your space. This functional piece adds increased style to your space, since the table will perfectly match your decking, tying the whole area together beautifully.

Whether next to your new backyard flower beds or on your front porch, a bench is always a great choice for a home. Easy to create, a bench can make practical use of your leftover decking, while giving you a new vantage point to relax from while enjoying your new outdoor space in all of its glory.

Don’t just toss those extra decking materials, and instead invest a little time to create new pieces you will treasure – and make good use of – for years to come.

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