Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter is fast approaching and the year is drawing to an end, but the work that needs to be done to ensure your home is ready for the changing season is just beginning. As the seasons change and the bitter cold begins to whip through the wind, your home will need a bit of care to help it thrive in the months ahead.

Winterizing your home is a necessary task to help your house stay in top shape as freezing conditions take hold of the atmosphere. Prepping your home for this chilly time may seem like a tiresome task, but in just a few walk throughs of your house, can be done quickly and will help you rest easy as the snow falls outside.

To make sure your home is ready for winter, complete the following tasks as soon as possible:

Replace Windows

Windows with broken seals or cracked panes can lead to serious insulation trouble during the winter. Take inventory of all of the windows in your house, make note of any that are having trouble, and replace those windows before the height of winter arrives. Replacing windows that have problems now will lead to lower electric costs and higher energy efficiency all year round.

Repair Siding

Cracked, broken, or warped siding can also lead to major insulation problems during the winter, not to mention pest control nightmares. Hire a professional to fix any openings in your siding before winter begins to help keep your home warm and pest free for the season ahead.

Freshly Caulk

Even windows and siding in seemingly perfect condition can benefit from fresh caulking before the intense chill of winter sets in, so take an afternoon in the late fall to give a new line of caulking to major seams on your home. Not only will this help with the efficiency of your home, but it will also lend a helping hand to your home’s outdoor appearance.

Check Deck for Structural Issues

Before you bundle up inside for the winter, check your home’s deck for any structural issues that could just worsen over the next couple of months. Make note of any rotting boards or compromising areas, and quickly get those features fixed. Repairing your deck before winter strikes will help keep your loved ones safe. Not to mention, will keep you looking forward to the spring when you can regularly use your new and improved deck.

Winterizing your home is a little thing that you can do to ensure big results for you and your family both during the cold days ahead, and the year that will follow. Spend a few minutes today completing the tasks, and keep the warm feeling of security all season long.

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