Plygem Windows

Ply Gem® 1110 and 1500 Series Windows

Your windows are more than just a place to spy on your neighbors out of. In fact, your windows, along with being an important safety feature of your home, are a simple, yet powerful, way to show off your home’s style. With the 1110 and 1150 Series of windows by Ply Gem, creating a beautiful home is simple.

With over 70 years of experience, Ply Gem is used to providing homeowners with incredible products – and both the 1110 and 1500 Series of windows are no exception.

Ply Gem 1110 Single Hung Window

Featuring a brick mould appearance, Ply Gem 1110 Series Windows come in a variety of architectural shapes. These vinyl windows also include industry-leading technology like Warm Edge insulated glass to help keep your home environmentally-friendly, as well as maintenance-free multi-chamber PVC construction. Available in a variety of grille patterns like Colonial, Prairie, Plaza, and more, the 1110 Series can be finished in Beige, White, or Clay.

Ply Gem 1500 Single Hung Window

With both traditional and customizable sizing options to fit your home’s needs, Ply Gem 1500 Series Windows are ideal for both modern and rustic homes. These vinyl windows are equipped with an interlocking sash featuring dual pile weatherstripping and glazed glass on both the interior and exterior to help better insulate your home, plus a sloped sill to help with ongoing water management. Available in a number of different grille patterns like Diamond, Gothic, and Colonial, the 1500 Series can be finished in Beige, White, or Clay on both the interior and exterior, as well as Dark Bronze exclusively on the exterior.

When you choose Ply Gem 1110 or 1500 Series Windows for your home, you add priceless value to your space. From style to safety to ease of install, windows by Ply Gem are the perfect addition to your home. Plus, all of those neighbors you used to spy on from your old windows will start staring back at your home in amazement.

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