Picture the Perfect Deck

Designing a deck is an exciting endeavor. But even the best design on paper still leaves much to the imagination. You may have a good idea of what you want your deck to look like in terms or size, shape and features, but it’s harder to get an ideas for how colors, accessories, and options will look or combine with each other. TimberTech offers several tools that make it easy for contractors and homeowners to visualize what their outdoor living space will look like using various TimberTech decking products.

Online Color Visualizer

TimberTech has a color visualizer on every decking and railing page, allowing users to be creative and try out different combinations of decking colors, accent colors, railing colors, post colors, and infill options. Users can even save the pictures and share them on Pinterest and Facebook.

TimberTech Deck Guide iPad App

TimberTech has also created a free iPad app that allows contractors and homeowners to create the perfect deck from anywhere. The TimberTech Deck Guide app allows users to experiment with TimberTech deck and railing color combinations, using seven different color visualizers. Your deck designs can be saved and tagged with keywords for easy retrieval and organization into project folders. They can also be shared via Facebook, Pinterest, or email. Features in the Deck Guide app include:
• Project information
• Decking and railing color visualizers
• Ability to upload and tag your own photos
• Ability to email and share your favorite decks

The TimberTech Deck Guide app is a great tool for contractors, allowing them to bring concepts to life and share with homeowners. The app is also great for homeowners wishing to create and share their own dream deck designs. The Deck Guide app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

TimberTech Deck Designer

Don’t have an iPad? No problem. TimberTech offers the same great features with an interactive design tool for Windows users. You can download the TimberTech Deck Designer on TimberTech’s website (http://timbertech.com/idea-starters/deck-designer/). Create and save as many deck ideas as you like. You can print out a 3D model of your dream deck, a suggested list of materials, installation guidelines, and helpful construction tips.

Visualizing the Footprint

Even after you’ve created a virtual representation of your deck that includes styles, materials, and colors, that still doesn’t give you a true feel for its form and proportion. A great way to see the size and scale of your deck design is to use a tape measure and some spray paint or string to create an outline of your deck design to actual scale in the location where it will be built. This will help you decide if any changes or adjustments need to be made.