Pick the Perfect Exterior Window Color with Loewen’s Expansive Color Palette


Whether you’re building a new home or making improvements to an older home, at some point you will need to think about windows. Purchasing new windows is a significant investment. Assuming you select high-quality windows, you will have these windows for many years to come. There are many factors to consider, including cost, durability, and energy efficiency. But another factor you will also need to consider is color.

While many people don’t give it a lot of thought, the exterior color of your windows has a significant impact on the curb appeal and overall appearance of your home’s exterior. Choosing an exterior window color that perfectly complements your exterior color scheme will give your home a cohesive and attractive appearance.

While most window companies offer at least a handful of color options for their aluminum-clad windows, Loewen collaborated with industry professionals and designers to create an astounding palate of 70 finishes, including a standard palette, an architectural palette, an anodized palette, and cyprium finishes on copper and bronze clad windows. This extensive color selection provides homeowners with exceptional design flexibility, making it easy to find the perfect color rather than having to settle for whatever color comes closest to matching their color scheme.

All of the colors are baked onto the exterior of the window to provide outstanding durability. Loewen’s exterior window colors are created from Kynar-based paint that has been enhanced with ceramic pigmentation, which enables it to stand up exceptionally well to direct sunlight, extreme temperature variations, and acidic pollutants without fading.

With proper care, your windows will last for decades, so select the color you really want rather than making do with the closest alternative.