pocket door

The Perks of Pocket Doors

When it comes to remodeling your home, the doors in your house are probably a low priority. Other than slapping them with a fresh coat of paint, chances are, you most likely have not given those key features of your home much thought. Your house’s traditional interior doors seem like just another task you can sweep under the rug, but replacing those standard pieces with pocket doors is an easy and affordable way to transform your entire home.

Pocket doors are more than just an old-fashioned charm, but rather, they are an architectural dream when it comes to saving interior space. Saving an average of 10 square feet per door, pocket doors are just as they sound – doors that slide in and out of a nesting space in your wall, to create easy and accessible space when pushed into the wall, and the privacy you crave when pulled out. Pocket doors are perfect for spaces like small bathrooms or closets, and when used throughout your home, create a unique style houseguests will envy.

Pocket doors allow you to play with textures and pops of color that traditional doors do not. When you go for a bold design like Masonite’s paneled pocket door, that design can be hidden away when the pocket door is pushed into the wall, and showcased when the door is out and closed. This allows for you as the homeowner to get creative and show off both your classic style, and bold ideas.

While great for saving space and sparking style, pocket doors do not allow for the acoustical advantages of regular doors, as sound can easily carry through them and into other rooms in your home. However, pocket doors do have the advantage of being unable to slam, so both the structure and your sanity will hold up better over time.

When deciding the final touches for your next remodel, don’t forget about your home’s interior doors. By switching from traditional to pocket doors, your home will open up with space and personality.

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