New Voyage™ Decking by Deckorators®

Even though spring may seem like it will never arrive in Kansas City, the season of enjoying the outdoors is right around the corner. Get a head start on making the most of the upcoming warmer weather by upgrading your home’s deck with new Voyage Decking by Deckorators. Whether your old structure is in need of repair, or you are just wanting to make a change, this state-of-the-art decking is perfect for your home.

Deckorators believes in going “beyond ordinary”, and their new Voyage Decking line does just that with:

Superior Durability

Complete with Evotions technology to help increase the weight-bearing capacity of the deck, Voyage Decking resists scratches, stains, moisture, and more, resulting in a safer area that lets you enjoy it for a long lifespan. Plus, these new materials by Deckorators cannot be broken in flexural loading or impact, ensuring your deck will stay strong.

Expert Design

Made from an innovative blend of polypropylene and mineral fillers, Voyage Decking is constructed with only the best design techniques, giving you a space that is both beautiful and functional. With stunning vertical grain variegation, this decking also provides 34% greater surface traction than most other composite decking, contributing to the deck’s overall safety.

Custom Options

No matter your home’s style, there is a Voyage Decking option for you. From custom colors like Mesa, Sierra, Tundra, and Costa to versatile sizes ranging from 12 ft. to 20 ft., your dream deck is easy to achieve with Voyage Decking.

Bring your home’s deck to new heights with Voyage Decking. Easy to install whether in contact with ground or water and backed by an industry-leading warranty, Voyage Decking will help you create an outdoor experience unlike any other.

To learn more or to get new Voyage Decking by Deckorators for your project, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.