New Outdoor Deck Displays at Olathe McCray Lumber and Millwork

McCray Lumber and Millwork is proud to announce the opening of a new outdoor deck display at our Olathe yard. This addition to the McCray Lumber family is the perfect way to see your deck in action before you buy it, and experience the incredible materials that make it in action.

Our new outdoor deck display in Olathe takes everything that customers want from a traditional indoor set up, and moves it to the great outdoors for optimal viewing and consideration. With an extensive line of materials available to view, including Deckorators, Trex, ZURI, Fiberon, and other samples, the outdoor setting allows for countless benefits that standard set ups ignore. Some of the benefits of this display include:

Natural Lighting
Since it is built outdoors, our new Olathe display allows for natural light to illuminate the decking in a way that is identical to how it will look once installed at your home. This provides you the chance to truly see the materials as they will appear on your property, taking the guess work out of the buying process.

Weather Performance
These decking materials on display stand the test of Kansas City weather, and stay outdoors during rain, hail, snow, wind, and more. Because of this, our Olathe display is able to showcase the true durability of the decks, and give you an accurate viewing of how your structure will stand up to Midwestern weather.

Hardware Durability
Thanks to its set up out in nature, our Olathe display showcases decking hardware in its full glory. Not only will you get to see the way lighting hookups will work, but you will also have the chance to see different types of railing outdoors, and test how each reacts to practical elements, like the hot sun, as well as your personal style tastes.

The new McCray Lumber and Millwork outdoor deck display at our Olathe location allows you to experience your future deck in full totality before investing a cent. By getting to know the materials and how they really stand up to nature before you start building, you will ensure that you get a deck you will love from the start.

Visit the new outdoor deck display at the McCray Lumber and Millwork Olathe location today.