Cour d'Alene Wood Products

Modern Rustic Residential Siding from Coeur d’Alene Wood Products

While home trends change from year to year, one thing always remains the same: the love homeowners have for the look of natural wood. Through expert technique and unmatched craftsmanship, Coeur d’Alene Wood, LLC. has mastered the art of providing natural wood products for your home that give you the beauty of organically aged wood without having to wait decades to achieve it.

With homeowners across the Kansas City Metro craving the look of reclaimed wood, but not having the patience to let nature run its course, Coeur d’Alene Wood found a way to strategically advance the aging process to give your next home remodel or build that coveted rare, authentic aesthetic. Plus, this process keeps your wood contaminant free while remaining affordable and readily available for your project.

Coeur d’Alene Wood’s realistic, natural process for accelerating the aging of wood helps to expose the true beauty of the material, showcasing the one-of-a-kind fibers within each raw board. The patterns in the wood are then able to be used in even the most demanding of home projects, like siding, and give homes the perfect balance of modern and rustic.

Residential home siding by Coeur d’Alene Wood is available in a wide range of colors that complement any home. From light brown to dark gray or even barnwood red, there is a siding that will match your home’s personality. Coeur d’Alene Wood siding also comes in three different styles: AYC, Pine, and Xcelerated. Each line has their own perks, including eco-friendly options, and come in a variety of low-maintenance sizes.

In addition to making incredible, stylish siding for your home, Coeur d’Alene Wood can complete a number of other home projects like indoor accent walls, beams, doors, and more. Indulge in the unique look of reclaimed wood by choosing Coeur d’Alene Wood for your next home project.

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