Be Head Strong

McCray Lumber and Millwork Proudly Sponsors Be Head Strong Non-Profit

Whether you are personally affected or know someone who is, a brain tumor is a difficult diagnosis to undergo. With the power to change every aspect of a life, brain tumors require strength, perseverance, and incredible care to treat. There can never be enough assistance when it comes to battling the illness. That is where Be Head Strong comes in, and why McCray Lumber and Millwork is so proud to help sponsor their efforts.

Established in 2003, Be Head Strong is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by volunteers from all over the Kansas City Metro. Originally founded by a group of brain tumor survivors, families, and friends, Be Head Strong provides support throughout the local brain tumor community, both financially and emotionally. Because the founders and volunteers are so personally connected to the diagnosis, they are able to truly see where help is needed, and make a real difference in the lives of current patients, as well as their families and medical team.

Be Head Strong’s mission centers around supporting, assisting, and providing aid to brain tumor patients in Kansas City. In addition to this invaluable effort, the organization also works to find a cure for the life-changing disease by partnering with doctors, hospitals, and other organizations with the same goal. At its core, Be Head Strong wants the community to see them as “a loving friend, here to help”.

Some of the ways that Be Head Strong raises funds and awareness for brain tumor treatments and a cure include 5k runs/walks like Head for the Cure, the Annual Pork N’ Boots Smoke Out, the Annual Aaron Dieckman Pool Tournament, and many more events that get the local Kansas City community involved.

Be Head Strong also appreciates any and all donations from the community. If you would like to join McCray Lumber and Millwork in supporting those affected, please click here.

If you or someone you know would like to obtain assistance from Be Head Strong, please apply here.