Outdoor Lighting

Light Your Home this Fall

As the temperatures grow colder and holiday music starts echoing through radio stations, the hours of daylight begin to dwindle. In the Kansas City Metro, we are lucky to get around eleven hours of sun this time of year, making the darkness of night drag on outside. However, when you properly light up your home’s exterior, you will be able to make the most of the rest of the fall and winter months ahead.

Outdoor lighting is vital to not only the function of your home, but also the aesthetic of your space. When lit properly, you will be able to maximize outdoor space during the short days the season brings, as well as show off your house’s exterior to all who drive by. With just a few bulbs, you can bring new life to your property while basking in its many benefits.

The benefits of properly lighting the exterior of your home are endless. To begin with, outdoor lighting will give you the capability to utilize your space to its full potential, allowing you to remain outdoors after the sun goes down, even when it is only 6:30pm. Proper exterior lighting will also act as a vital safety feature for home, eliminating dark spaces and lighting steps and curbs for your own personal safety while walking around your space. Not to mention, lighting your home from the outside can help first-time visitors or emergency crews to easily find you and your home’s address numbers when searching.

When choosing the type of outdoor lighting for your home, make sure you do your research before swiping your credit card. Do you want to save on energy costs? Consider installing solar or LED hardware. Are you wanting to find a way to light your deck without the hassle of tripping over ground pieces? Opt for under-railing lighting that is both practical and fashionable. By taking into consideration both your wants and your home’s needs before installation, you will end up investing in the perfect lighting system for your house’s future.

From Fortress to Deckorators to Trex, McCray Lumber and Millwork has the right outdoor lighting solution for every home. Whether you are installing exterior lighting hardware for purely practical reasons or just want to increase the curb appeal of your property, adding lighting elements to your home’s outdoor areas this fall will help you make the most of this season and the ones to come.

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