Let Your Home Breathe Easy with Tyvek

You have done your research on the best ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, but are not seeing the results that you thought you would. You patched holes in your siding, traded in your washer and dryer for the latest model, and have even switched out every single lightbulb in your home to ones that pull less electricity than ever before. Sure, it may seem like you are doing a lot, but there is one major factor that you are missing. You need to wrap your home with Tyvek.

When you use Tyvek House Wrap, you are protecting your home from continued energy loss, as well as repelling potentially harmful acts of nature from penetrating deep into your structure. This vapor-permeable material repels moisture from rain from molding and mildewing in your home, while also allowing your walls to dry quickly and effectively through its waterproof seal.

The breathable design of Tyvek improves your home’s ventilation while also keeping your warm air inside during those cold winter months, and the cool circulating throughout brutal summers. By reducing potential drafts, this house wrap will keep your energy bill as low as possible, while keeping your loved ones as comfortable as possible.

Tyvek House Wrap is the perfect second layer of defense that your house needs when it comes to insulating. Pair this product with Tyvek Flashing Tape, and your home will stay protected for years to come. This Flashing Tape is perfect for covering hard to wrap places like around windows and doors, and protecting you from the water intrusions that often happen in such areas.

Easy to install and an affordable investment, Tyvek House Wrap and Flashing Tape will keep your home energy efficient and protected for the seasons to come. Invest in Tyvek today, and your home will breathe easy tomorrow.

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