Kwikset’s Home Connection Technology Provides Allows Lock Control From Anywhere

Imagine never again having to worry about whether or not you locked your front door? Or never having to fumble with your keys while carrying in bags of groceries? What if you could let in a repairman or cleaning service without having to be home or trusting them with a key? What if you could know exactly when your kids arrived home from school? Kwikset’s Home Connection technology makes all that, and more, possible.

Kwikset’s Home Connection technology, available on Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt and lever locks, allows you do much more than just unlock your door. Home Connection technology enables your lock to communicate wirelessly with other devices in your home, such as your security system, ehome automation system, lighting, thermostat, and entertainment system.

The Home Connection technology can be accessed at home with a security panel or remote, or from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet, or through a secure internet connection. This allows you control over access to your home from anywhere. You can check your lock status and lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. You can also tie it into your home security and home automation systems, allowing you to turn lights and alarms on and off even when you’re away from home.

You can set multiple access codes for different people and assign names to each code. If you have repairmen, delivery people, or cleaning services that need access to your home while you’re away, Home Connection will allow you to set temporary access codes and even set specific time intervals when the codes are active. You can add or delete access codes remotely. If there’s an emergency while you’re away on vacation, you can set up a temporary access code for your neighbor to allow them access to your home.

Home Connection will also let you know when and how your home is accessed and which code was used. You can even program it to send you a text message when your lock is accessed. This is perfect for parents to let them know when kids have arrived home from school.

With the Kwikset Home Connection technology, you can rest easy knowing you can control access to your home no matter where you are.