Deckorators Fastendry System

Introducing Fastendry by Deckorators

With warmer days ahead in the Kansas City Metro, many homeowners are dreaming of their decks and the time they will spend on them in the coming seasons. However, nothing can ruin your outdoor plans quite like a wet deck. Thankfully, with the new Fastendry™ by Deckorators® system, you can create a safe zone under your structure to be enjoyed all year long.

Made exclusively for Deckorators, Fastendry is a weatherproofing fastening system that fits between the slots of deck boards (12′, 16′, and 20′) and is secured in place with a nail gun during your deck’s installation. When incorporated into your deck plans, this system helps keep water from escaping through your deck floor, creating a dry, livable, and enjoyable space underneath your deck for safe storage or even additional entertainment space.

Fastendry by Deckorators can also help to increase the quality of your deck. By keeping moisture away from the understructure of your deck, this system maintains a dry area while allowing air to circulate evenly around the space. This will keep water from building up and rotting away your deck, resulting in a longer lifespan for your structure.

While an expert weatherproofing solution, the new Fastendry system also adds stylish value to your home. Made with a rigid baseplate that secures decking to joists with a nail gun, Fastendry gives decks a highly sought-after fastener-free look. Gone are the days of bulky hardware, and instead, Fastendry will complete your home with a sleek, polished aesthetic.

Plus, when you install the Fastendry system as a part of your deck build, you can rest easy with a peace of mind knowing that you will save time and money thanks to the conjoined process, rather than spending your energy and budget on a separate installation or remodel later.

As you start dreaming of spring and summer in the Midwest, remember to choose Fastendry by Deckorators when building your new deck. With countless features that are both practical and beautiful, this system is now available, and ready to give you the deck you deserve.

To learn more and to order your Fastendry system today, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork.