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Instagram Tips for Your Construction Business

Instagram isn’t just a place to watch funny cat videos or check up on that person you went to high school with. In fact, Instagram is now a vital business tool for all kinds of companies throughout the world. Because of this, it is more important now than ever to get your business on the social platform.

We understand that Instagram may not seem like the place for your construction business. However, the website allows for incredible opportunities for growing your client base and building a bigger brand presence online.

Four tips to help your construction business make the most out of Instagram include:

Showcase Your Best Designs
Although you should already have a portfolio of your work on your website, Instagram is another way to get your designs in front of potential clients. By posting your most-popular “after” images with relevant hashtags (#home, #design, #kansascityremodeler, etc.), new audiences will be able to find your business, giving you new leads to pursue.

Host Tutorials
Is there a pet-peeve you have of homeowners doing remodeling wrong? Use Instagram as an opportunity to post tutorial videos showcasing the right way to hold a hammer, stain a deck, etc. Not only are these helpful for your audience, but they also will assist in more potential clients discovering your company.

Highlight Positive Reviews
You have positive reviews, so why not share them? Posting images of your glowing customer reviews is a great way to not only brag a little about yourself, but also let new clients know just how great you are through a trustworthy source. Few marketing tactics are more successful than testimonials, but just be sure to only post them once a week or so, and fill in the rest of the time with other content.

Give a Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive
The Stories feature on Instagram is a great way to let your audience see what you are working on each day. Whether designing a blueprint, renovating a kitchen, or picking out the perfect deck boards for a client, showing off the behind-the-scenes of your company helps potential partners feel connected. This connection is the first step in establishing a valuable business relationship.

Using Instagram for your construction business is an easy way to gain new leads. Plus, when you comment back and engage with your audience, you can help establish yourself as the Kansas City expert and build your brand to new heights. To learn more, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.