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How to Use Instagram to Research Your Next Home Project

You know what they say – a picture is worth 1,000 words. However, in the home construction and remodel industry, we believe that a picture is worth so much more. Not only can photos help catalog past work, but platforms like Instagram are also a great way for clients to research home projects before construction begins.

Some of the ways a home project can be researched through Instagram include:

Whether they are the most popular HGTV builders or simply a construction professional in the Kansas City area, almost every industry influencer has an Instagram page where they are posting their favorite trends, products, and more. Even building material manufacturers are great influencers for their own product (like @HuberWood). These posts are a good starting off point for research, and often offer a wide range of design options and products unique to different home aesthetics. Not to mention, influencers are often given the latest building materials to use on their own projects and to promote online, giving you a look into the newest technologies and practices to use on your own home.

Simple and searchable, hashtags are another great way Instagram can allow for home project research. By just typing in the name of your project like “#DeckRemodel” or “#NewSiding”, thousands of images will appear from all over the world that show countless different design options. Plus, hashtags allow you to be as specific as you want, letting you narrow down your search depending on location (“#KansasCityDeckRemodel”) or even product (“#LPSmartSideNewSiding”). While these results will be much smaller than generic hashtags, you’ll be able to find a more carefully curated set of pictures and projects to research.

Contractor Profiles
Contractors can also help consumers utilize Instagram to get the most out of their home project during the planning stage. Contractors have the ability to curate a digital showroom of all of the projects done in the past by posting photos of them on their account. From there, clients will be able to easily see real examples of completed work and communicate what they loved about each project, creating a quick and easy way to plan their own home project.

Next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, look up an influencer or hashtag related to a home project you wish to complete, and begin your research. You’ll be surprised by all of the inspiration you’ll find in your feed.

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