Cedar deck

How to Finish Cedar Decking

Now that your new cedar deck is getting installed, it is tempting to want to spent every waking moment on it. However, before you can begin planning your first celebratory gathering, you need to finish the deck boards. Finishing cedar decking is more than just slapping on a coat of stain. In fact, when you follow the best practices for finishing your cedar decking, you can ensure your structure lasts longer and looks better.

Four best practices for finishing cedar decking include:

Never power wash cedar decking.
While it can be tempting to get every last piece of dirt off of the boards, never power wash your cedar decking. This high-intensity process can actually do more harm than good, damaging wood fibers beyond repair and prematurely aging your deck.

Pick the right kind of stain.
Depending on your home’s requirements, you will need to select the right stain for your deck. While color is important, the most vital decision is when it comes to whether you choose transparent stains that are water-repellent, or semi-transparent stains. Either option makes for a great deck – the final decision is simply based on your upkeep requirements and aesthetic.

Stain prior to construction.
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make is finishing a cedar deck after it is installed. Instead, opt to stain your deck boards before construction begins, evenly coating all six sides with your chosen finish.

Reapply the finish regularly.
Just because you finish your deck once does not mean the job is done. Most cedar decks require re-staining every two to three years. While the boards will obviously already be installed at these intervals as opposed to when you stained them prior to construction, it is still important to re-stain reachable surfaces regularly. Not only does this keep your deck beautiful, but it also protects it for years to come.

Cedar decks are beautiful additions to any home. Set yours up for success by following these best practices, and you can enjoy your new space for a lifetime. To learn more or to install a cedar deck on your home, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.