Deckorators Balusters

How to Choose the Right Deckorators® Baluster for Your Deck

Your deck is not complete without the proper balusters. Also commonly referred to as spindles, balusters are vital to both the safety and style of your deck, which is why it is so important that you take the time to find the right style by Deckorators to complete your space.

A leader in baluster styling, Deckorators offers a wide range of options for every type of deck. From Arc to Estate to Traditional and more, your options can often seem endless – so how do you make sure you are making the right choice?

When choosing balusters for your deck:

Determine Railing Height
Not all baluster styles are available in all heights, so be sure to determine the exact measurements of your deck before you begin browsing. For example, a deck needing a 26” baluster can only choose between Classic Aluminum, Estate Aluminum, or Scenic Frontier Glass, while a deck needing 35” balusters has to choose from a different variety. Know your height before you shop to avoid problems later in the process.

Complement the Material
Know the material your deck and railing will be made out of, as well as the color they will be, before you start looking for balusters to make sure you choose a complementary material. Deckorators balusters are available in three main styles (Aluminum, Composite, and Glass), but can be customized with a number of color options to best suit your project.

Accessorize Accordingly
Part of choosing the right balusters for your deck includes picking out the best accessories for your space. From Classic Centerpieces to Designer Connectors and Adapters and more, Deckorators offers accessories that can make any style of baluster look its best. Keep accessories in mind when choosing a baluster style so that you can finish the job in style.

Choosing the right Deckorators baluster for your deck can be easy when you take into consideration your railing height requirements, the material you want to complement, and any finishing touches you hope to add to the space. Keep these elements in mind, and no matter which style you choose, your deck will thank you.

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