Hampton Affiliates

Hampton Affiliates Lumber Operations

For any lumber supplier, the sourcing and production of quality product is vital to both the integrity and logistics of the business, not to mention, the happiness of their customers. The way lumber is processed directly impacts each and every consumer and their construction, which is why McCray Lumber and Millwork has partnered with the leading forest products company, Hampton Affiliates, to make sure the lumber you purchase for your project is the best, most sustainable product available.

In fact, earlier this October, McCray Lumber and Millwork made the trip to Hampton Affiliates’ Willamina, Oregon lumber operations location to get an up close and personal look into the daily manufacturing of the products they so proudly sell.

Hampton and Affiliates got its start from small roots, beginning as a single mill operation, and has now grown into a trusted eight mills with over 1,500 employees working each day to create the most sustainable and reliable lumber in the country. Focused solely on the customer experience, Hampton Affiliates provides people with lumber that exceeds expectations.

For decades, McCray Lumber and Millwork has partnered with Hampton Affiliates because of their commitment to quality and sustainability. Using the latest trends in resource management, Hampton Affiliates effectively manages and strategically plans the way forest units are planted and harvested to ensure the critical success of this renewable resource that fuels many aspects of the economy. With a passion for forest growth, Hampton Affiliates strives for cultivating prosperous acreage, giving them a sustainable stamp of approval. When Hampton Affiliates manufactures the lumber that you buy from McCray Lumber and Millwork, you can take pride in knowing your project is ecofriendly, and grown to last.

Even after working tirelessly to continue forest growth through their lumber operations, Hampton Affiliates succeeds in providing the highest quality product from their timberlands. This quality, that ranks higher than any other lumber manufacturer in the country, is why McCray Lumber and Millwork is proud to partner with Hampton Affiliates to meet all of your lumber needs.

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