Fall Preparation

How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The kids are back in school, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkins are starting to appear in storefronts across the metro. That’s right – fall is just around the corner in Kansas City. 

While the air is chilled with anticipation of the months ahead, it can be overwhelming to prepare your home for autumn. From finishing up incomplete summer projects to starting a whole new slew of cooler weather tasks, some of the best ways to prepare your home for fall include:

Trim Your Landscaping
Sure, you are probably looking forward to the months you don’t have to mow, but cleaning up your landscaping before frost settles is a great way to get your home ready for fall. Pick up any fallen branches, clear debris from around your foundation, and trim back bushes that have gotten out of hand during the summer. Not only will this help your home look nice, but it will also ensure your home stays safe well through winter.

Stain Your Deck
The hot summer can wreak havoc on traditional wood decks, so if your structure is suffering from fading or chipping, take a Saturday afternoon before fall arrives to give it a fresh coat of stain. This will help to increase the value of your deck, while also helping to protect the overall structure from the harsh elements of a Midwestern autumn and winter.

Repair and Replace Siding
As temperatures fall and you switch on your heating system, the best way to ensure your home stays comfortable and efficient is to patch any holes in your siding. Heat has the tendency to escape through even the smallest of spaces, so by mending or even replacing your siding, you can help keep your home warm and energy bills low.

Fall is an exciting time of the year, but is even more enjoyable when you and your home are prepared for the changing seasons. Plan ahead, complete these simple projects, and your home will thank you long into the New Year.

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