Spring Deck Prep

Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

Nothing says spring in Kansas City quite like days spent outside enjoying the warm weather on your deck. But after a long, cold, icy winter, there’s a good chance your deck needs a little TLC before you can take full advantage of it in the seasons to come.

Getting your deck ready for spring is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. In fact, some easy ways to prep your deck for the warmer days ahead include:

Assess the Structure
It’s no secret that Midwest seasons can be brutal, so before you spend too much time on your deck this spring, inspect your structure for any problem areas. Thanks to the usual build up of leaves, ice, and more during the fall and winter months, you’ll want to make sure no part of your deck has begun to crack, deteriorate, or rot. Especially be sure to assess the underside of your deck, since most of the support is found there. If you find any problem areas, call a professional ASAP to fix it, so that you can ensure a safe deck for the months ahead.

Clean All Surfaces
Give your deck a fresh start for the spring season by thoroughly cleaning it as the weather begins to warm. Sweep off lingering leaves, wipe away any debris, and be sure to clean between the grooves of boards to make sure all remnants are gone. This will help to not only keep your deck from getting stained by the dirt, but will also make the structure safer to maneuver. If you’re really looking to take cleaning to the next level, you can even power wash your deck with a fan-tip nozzle on a low setting for a deep wash. Be sure to refer to the decking manufacturer to clarify cleaning instructions for composite decks.

Update Your Accessories
Whether it is a lighting system or a set of railings, a new accessory will give your deck the facelift it needs for spring. Plus, when you make these additions to your structure, you will be improving the safety rating due to increased visibility (thanks to new lights) or even stability (thanks to your new railing). Updating your accessories is a win-win for both you and your deck.

Before you start planning all of the warm weather outings you’ll have on your deck this spring, take some time to make sure the structure is in good safety condition, clean, and updated with new accessories. When you invest attention into your deck now, you’ll be able to enjoy it with a peace of mind all spring and summer.

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