KC Nari Futures Fund Grant

Futures Fund Grants Attract Students to Remodeling Industry

The remodeling industry is thriving, and the Kansas City NARI Futures Fund is here to help students become a part of it. Often overlooked, trades jobs are growing this year, and now more than ever, need skilled workers to join the force. Full of reward and opportunity, the KC NARI Futures Fund works to connect students with careers in the construction and remodeling industry.

One of the major ways the Kansas City NARI Futures Fund is raising awareness and drawing attention to the remodeling industry is by giving grants to schools and nonprofits with construction trades programs. This spring, the Futures Fund was proud to award $31,204 to deserving institutions.

The recipients of the Spring 2018 grants include:

  • Northland Career Center: HVAC Program, $2,684 for an online HVAC training simulation program
  • Northland Career Center: Construction Program, $12,000 for materials for the beginning phase of building an 800 sq. ft. house
  • Independence School District: Construction Program, $3,000 for attending area career fairs and field trips to local companies within the remodeling and construction industry
  • Turner High School: Building Trades Program, $4,000 for unexpected costs involving structural support with class housing project
  • National Institute for Construction Excellence: $3,425 for classroom instruction, construction documents, as well as transportation costs for field trips for approximately 40 students enrolled in a construction class at Cristo Rey High School
  • Olathe District Schools: Construction Trades Program, $1,595 for a paint spray gun, tile saw, and 20 construction calculators

Donations to the Futures Fund help not only to give students the education and skills they need to thrive in the remodeling industry, but also work toward connecting those same students with rewarding long-term jobs. These grants given now will turn into supportive, fulfilling careers that not only benefit the students, but the remodeling industry as a whole.

McCray Lumber and Millwork is a proud supporter of the Futures Fund through donations and volunteering on the Futures Fund Advisory team. To make contribution and learn more about the KCNARI Futures Fun, visit http://www.remodelingkc.com/futures-fund/