Zuri Premium Decking by Royal

Be Floored by Zuri® Decking

The winter season is in full swing in Kansas City, and like us, you are probably dreaming of greener grass, warmer days, and hanging out on your deck in the sunshine. It’s easy to yearn for the summer months while the snow continues to coat the metro, but don’t just daydream about the days to come. Instead, get prepared for the warmer seasons ahead (no matter how far away they may be) by learning about the Zuri® decking you will be installing once the ice melts away.

Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal® is known for going above and beyond when it comes to the materials you need to build a long-lasting, incredibly beautiful deck. Customer tested and industry approved, this decking combines the best of composite materials with exotic, natural wood features to provide you with a structure that exceeds all expectations.

Available in a wide range of styles, as well as the ability to mix and match wood laying patterns, Zuri® decking is completely customizable to match your individual taste. This decking gives you the ability to choose from a scale of natural shades engineered to show off the true beauty of exotic wood, providing you with effortless exuberance that no other manufacturer can compare to.

Not only is Zuri® decking a marvel of beauty, but it is also one of the most maintainable decking types on the market. Built to thrive through even the most intense Midwestern weather patterns, Zuri® materials are resistant to color fading, scratches, slips, and even stains. Plus, the decking is easy to keep clean, only requiring warm water and mild soap to bring your deck back to life when pesky problems do arise.

With decking so top-scale, many would think Zuri® would be difficult to install, but the opposite is actually true. These materials are simple to secure, and fast to put together, meaning you will get the deck of your dreams in no time at all.

Want to see Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal® for yourself? Visit your local McCray Lumber location to see displays and samples. Or stop by our Olathe location today, where the materials are now available and are displayed in our outdoor deck yard.

Here, you will get to see the decking in action, learn about its features up-close-and-personal, and even get a head start on your own design.

Don’t just dream about your new deck, instead experience Zuri® decking for yourself by visiting McCray Lumber and Millwork today.