Fire Pit Backyard Outdoor Living Space

Fire Pit Inspiration for your Outdoor Living Area

Nothing warms up your outdoor living area during the fall and winter months – quite literally – like a fire pit. Customized to fit your unique needs, a backyard fire pit is great for enjoying time outdoors with family and friends. With a quick installation process, fire pits can add instant personality to your home, no matter the style you choose.

Brighten up your outdoor living area by finding inspiration in these three fire pit trends:

The Natural Charmer
Play off of the outdoor theme by installing a natural stone fire pit. Whether a permanent fixture added on to your patio or a standalone piece, these fire pits have a base of your favorite stone, complementing the backyard area you are in. These rustic additions are best when completed as wood-burning units, but can work well with gasoline as well.

The Industrial Innovation
Make a statement with your fire pit by choosing an industrial design. Composed primarily of metals and contemporary materials, industrial fire pits typically are gas-burning and complement sleek, sophisticated homes in the Kansas City area.

The Entertainer
Created with hosting in mind, entertainment-based fire pits are often larger and more pronounced than standard structures. Both wood and gas-burning, these fire pits can come with built-in seating around the upper rim, as well as larger circumferences to make room for all of your guests to enjoy.

The best fire pit for your home is the one that you personalize to your needs and wants. Have a rustic home that always sees a lot of foot traffic? Consider an entertainment-focused natural stone structure. Have a small backyard at your contemporary house? Opt for an industrial fire pit that is just small enough for you to enjoy. Get inspired by the latest fire pit trends and design the perfect piece for your home today.

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