House in the fall

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

Leaves are changing colors all over the metro area, football is back at Arrowhead, and pumpkin decor is on every porch. That’s right – it’s officially fall in Kansas City. An exciting time of the year, fall can get very busy very quickly. Before you pack your schedule with yet another hayride, consider investing some time in caring for your home for the seasons ahead.

By taking a weekend now to prepare your home for fall and winter, you will reap the rewards of a safe, warm, beautiful property as the seasons continue to change. Three ways to help out your home this fall include:

Patch the Holes
Temperatures have already started to drop in Kansas City, but we are a long ways away from the chilliest of nights. Before they arrive, take time this fall to patch any holes in your siding. Even if they are tiny, any hole leads to a problem with your home’s efficiency, allowing the warm interior air to escape. Patching holes now will reinforce that insulation and keep your home warm for months to come.

Clean it Up
Before the first snowfall has the chance to makes a mess of everything, give your property a nice, clean head start. You can do this by removing any dirt or debris from your deck or around your foundation. This small task will have your home looking great all fall and winter long. Does your home need a little something extra to help it shine? Consider washing your deck or siding to get all of the built up grime off.

Keep it Safe
With shorter days ahead, it is more important than ever to make sure your home is properly lit. Choose from exterior lighting options like deck railing lights or even simple landscape lights to help illuminate your property. Not only will this look great, but it will also help keep your home safe for those walking or playing around it.

Whether you complete one or all of the home maintenance tasks this fall, you will be preparing your property to stay beautiful and functional for the months to come. To learn more about fall home maintenance, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.