Fairfax Showroom

Fairfax Millwork Showroom

Have you ever wanted to see your home design in person before you buy?

Thanks to McCray Lumber and Millwork’s Fairfax Millwork Showroom, you now can! Complete with a wide selection of home building materials, this showroom is perfect for homeowners looking to gain inspiration for their next project, or compare products before settling on a final choice for their current space.

The best way to know if you will like your home project design before you take the plunge of installing it yourself is to visit the Fairfax location of McCray Lumber and Millwork and walk around the showroom. The Millwork Showroom features top names in the design industry, and with an ever-evolving set of materials, will always have just the right thing for your vision.

The Fairfax large showroom is a full-size display of building materials by Andersen, Eagle, Loewen, Western, Masonite and many other brands that will help your house become a home. With countless lines of windows, doors, trim, and hardware displays, the Millwork Showroom allows for you to build your design from the ground up, and see how each individual piece works together to fulfill your vision.

This one-of-a-kind showroom even features conference areas where you can meet with building and construction experts to go through your plan’s needs and wants. These areas are ideal for discussing and reviewing project plans, and serve as a brainstorm center with easy access to the materials you are designing with.

McCray Lumber and Millwork’s Fairfax Millwork Showroom is your inspiration headquarters when it comes to tangible, in-personal construction and building materials. Skip the nerves that come from ordering your project’s centerpieces without seeing them in person first, and instead visit the display today to get up close and personal with your design, before you buy.

For more information and to experience the Millwork Showroom for yourself, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today!