LP FlameBlock

Exceed Expectations with LP® FlameBlock®

FlameBlock Sheathing by LP allows you to do more with less. Helping you to build walls, roof decks, and more in a faster, safer way, and at a lower cost than most construction alternatives, such as FRT plywood, LP FlameBlock is a fire-rated OSB sheathing that is certified to perform at peak levels for all of your projects.

LP FlameBlock is the perfect addition to your building project thanks to its:

Incredible Strength
Complete with Exposure 1 certification, LP FlameBlock can withstand moisture exposure due to delays – an endurance FRT plywood does not guarantee. LP FlameBlock also has better overall strength than other treated wood fire-retardant structural panels of the same thickness measurements. These abilities make this sheathing by LP invaluable to contractors and residents alike.

Superior Design Flexibility
LP FlameBlock provides builders with more options when it comes to design, thanks to the structural design values not being reduced by fire-retardant treatment. Because of this, creative interior wall openings as well as necessary structure and framing needs can be effortlessly included in a way not allowed by standard alternatives.

Excellent Code-Approvals and Fire Ratings
In addition to its impressive flame-spread resistance, burn-through resistance and code-compliant exterior and interior wall assemblies and roof decks, LP FlameBlock includes:

  • ICC-certification (ESR-1365)
  • 15-minute thermal barrier protection (UBC 26-2)
  • 30-minute Class A flame spread rating (ASTM E84, UL723)

These certifications are evidence of just how well LP Flameblock sheathing will protect a home for a lifetime.

Ideal for any home, including multi-family, townhouses, and more, LP FlameBlock not only provides exceptional strength and performance, but also the peace of mind that you deserve. Exceed expectations, and rest easy knowing that the space you build is protected by the best materials in the business thanks to LP FlameBlock.

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