Sustainable Eco Friendly Lumber

Eco-Friendly Construction Using Lumber

Over the years the building industry sees trends come and go. While some stick around longer than others, the biggest trend that is not going anywhere is the concern for eco-friendly construction practices. All across the country, homeowners are wanting to make the right, sustainable choices for their property, but with so many options and conflicting information, the process can become overwhelming. However, one thing is certain – natural wood lumber can be a great choice for eco-friendly construction.

We get it – people are concerned about trees being chopped down to produce wood lumber, and rightly so. After all, trees are vital to maintaining the health of our world.  While it may be surprising though, wood lumber is a great choice that can be both beneficial to homeowners and the planet.

Natural and Renewable
Wood is a renewable resource, naturally found on the earth. There is nothing manmade or synthetic about a tree, meaning no part of it can naturally harm the environment when used. Plus, when we are careful and thoughtful about renewing these resources by planting the correct number of trees to make up for what is used, the supply can continue to revitalize itself.

By using wood for construction lumber that is grown sustainably, there is less harm done to the environment. Wood product production even creates more energy than it consumes, and it has been found that the use of wood can grow without additional harm to the planet.

Low-Carbon Footprint
The use of natural wood in construction helps cut down on carbon emissions. Since carbon is so deeply bound in natural wood, it remains in the structure for an extended period of time instead of immediately releasing into the atmosphere. This is great for homeowners wanting to cut down on their own carbon footprint to help the climate.

Eco-friendly construction is vital to maintaining good building practices for both the industry, and the planet. When wood lumber is chosen for construction projects and used responsibly, homeowners benefit in both style and long-term value to their property and environment. To learn more about eco-friendly building materials for your home or project, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.