Does Rotting Wood Mean Window Replacement?

Just like most home maintenance, replacing the windows in a home isn’t typically something homeowners look forward to. And sometimes they’ll even go to great lengths to avoid window replacement in Kansas City altogether, and try to extend the life of their windows. Unfortunately, window repair just isn’t possible if the wood frame of the window has started to rot, and replacing it altogether is the only solution.


Sometimes homeowners are so desperate to hang onto their current windows that they go to great lengths to keep them, even after the wood is severely rotted. They’ll dig out the old wood, bleach it and treat it, fill it all back in, and then seal, stain, and paint it. While this can be a good temporary fix until you can install new windows, it’s not something that will last for very long; and in fact, it can be dangerous to your home to do so. This is because rotted wood attracts termites which can infest and destroy your home. And that risk simply is not worth keeping older windows.


Damaged windows will also be much less energy efficient and you may feel drafts of cold air coming through them. Because of this, rotting wood in windows is usually a sign that at some point, you’re going to have to replace the window. If you’ve noticed these signs in your windows, and you need to speak to someone about new window installation, call us at McCray Lumber & Millwork. We’ll be able to advise you about when a quick repair will do the trick, and when new windows will be required.