Do You Need to Buy Pressure Treated Building Materials in Kansas City for a Deck?

The warm months, and the long evenings out on the deck that go along with them, are just around the corner; and you might be considering making some improvements to your outdoor space. But whether you’re adding on to your current decking, or need building materials Kansas City to create a new one, you’re probably wondering if you need to use pressure-treated wood to do it.

So what is pressure treatment, and do you need it?

Pressure treated wood is lumber that has been placed inside a vacuum, where chemical preservatives are then applied to it. This makes the wood more resistant to harsh elements such as moisture, termites, and other insects. Pressure treatment comes in many different strengths, and the more the wood is exposed to the elements, the stronger the preservative needs to be.

Pressure treated wood should always be the only types of building materials that are used for decks, because they’re outside and constantly exposed to the elements. Without this type of wood, the deck will quickly succumb to anything Mother Nature has to throw at it, and the deck will soon need to be repaired, if not completely replaced.

If you’re thinking about making repairs to your deck this coming season, call us at McCray Lumber. We know decks, and we can help you choose the wood that’s right for yours!