Loewen window

Do You Have Good Seal on Your Windows?

With the onset of winter, advertisements and advice start flooding you with the idea of shielding your home windows with plastic coverings to protect them from cold weather. Homeowners have grown weary of this traditional practice of saving energy. However, if you invested in high-quality properly installed windows from the beginning, then your windows require no special winter care. Loewen windows in Kansas City are your saviors. With their uniquely styled window casements, Loewen has always delivered high quality windows in Kansas City.


Casement is one of the most widely used window design on account of its swing door that provides easy operation and superior ventilation. The Loewen casement collection comes in four distinct styles: traditional, mission, French chateau, and push out.


Loewen employs heat-smart glazing systems to create well insulated windows for winter. The insulated glass is blended with best materials and superior technology to bring to you incredible results. Exceeding usual industry glass standards and matching up with consumer beneficial needs, Loewen focuses on providing the most durable and reliable thermal performance windows in Kansas City.


Distinctive features like multi point hardware option and removable swinging wood screens make Loewen windows stand out in the industry. The former provides a choice for unlatching the window with a single handle operation or multi-handle operation, depending on the customer needs, while the latter allows you to remove wood screens easily for cleaning or storing purposes in winter months.


With their uniquely styled window casements and other distinctive features, Loewen makes high quality windows. If you are looking for Loewen windows in Kansas City and/or window replacement in Kansas City, then you can turn to McCray Lumber.