The Difference Between Renovation and Replacement

The time has come for you to finally get started on your long list of home improvement projects. From carpeting the stairs, to finding the perfect new tile for your master bathroom shower, the projects on that list are as wide as the skills you will need to complete them. With a list of tasks that long, it’s wise to ask yourself if renovation is the way to go, or replacement.

While the answer to whether you should renovate or replace is different for each project on your list, making the right decision can mean an easy afternoon of fixer-upper projects, or weeks of hard labor.

But how do you know whether you should take on the task of renovation vs. the task of replacement?

Renovation is the act of restoring something to a better state, while replacement is the act of completely getting rid of that thing and exchanging it for something else. Renovation is a way of building upon a standing structure, while replacement is more of an “out with the old, in with the new” kind of mentality. Both strategies are great for home improvement and remodeling projects in their own unique ways.

Take your deck, for example. If you are looking to keep the basic structure of your deck, yet give it new life, renovation is the way to go. You can easily renovate your deck by giving it a fresh coat of paint or stain, or upgrading to stainless steel hardware. However, if you are looking to make bigger changes, like the addition of a new set of stairs, or if the boards are rotting and need more care than just a little spot treatment, replacing the structure entirely would be the way to go.

Often, renovation costs less time and money than replacement, but replacement often yields bigger, more impressive upgrades to your home. While each project is unique and will call for its own strategy, both renovation and replacement are wonderful pathways to giving you the home you deserve.

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