Did You Know? The Sustainability of Wood

When people think of environmentally friendly building products, they often do not think of wood. Since it requires the chopping down of trees, many believe that building with wood does more harm than good to the environment as a whole. What they do not know, is that wood is an ideal choice when it comes to being a sustainable building material.

There is more to building with wood than simply cutting down a tree and chopping the lumber into usable sheets. Rather, as technology evolves, so does the way we process and utilize our building materials, namely, wood.

An example of the latest wood building technology is engineered wood. Engineered wood, like that made by Boise Cascade, is a building product manufactured and created through the process of binding wooden factors (like strands, particles, and fibers) with adhesives to make composite wood materials. The end result of this combination is a product that is stronger and more flexible than traditional wood materials.

The process of creating engineered wood allows for less waste due to the fact that the entire tree (including knots and any other imperfections) is used. On that same note, less wood is needed to create engineered wood pieces as compared to traditional wood elements (only about 33% to be exact), making this option much more environmentally friendly.

Not only is this new wood technology sustainable in the initial construction process, but it also has a longer lifespan than other building materials. Thanks to its strength, engineered wood is unlikely to be damaged by weather or other elements. This material also allows for less moisture to penetrate the wood, keeping the risk of warps and cracks at bay. Homeowners are less likely to have to make repairs to this wood overtime, allowing for less of it to be needed to sustain the life of homes.

Building products are constantly evolving to include more environmentally friendly options, and engineered wood is proof of progress. The sustainability of this wood allows for not only more stable homes, but also a more stable planet.

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