Deck Safety

Deck Safety Reminders

Now that summer has arrived in Kansas City, it is important to be reminded about how to stay safe in the warm weather, especially at home on your own deck. 

While it is best to always practice safe entertainment measures and to keep a watchful eye on children playing on your deck, many people overlook simple structural necessities when it comes to the overall health and wellness of their decks.

Your deck’s health is vital to the safety of your home. When your deck is not in top shape, there is an increased risk for breakage or other threatening damage that could hurt you or a loved one. To avoid this and help maintain a space safe, keep these tips in mind while inspecting all of the different aspects of your structure this summer:

Make sure the ledger of your deck is attached securely to your siding, stucco, or brick, and that proper hardware has been used in the installation.

Ensure your hardware is still strong and keep an eye out for any red rust. Even the smallest sign of rust indicates that the fasteners have weakened and need replaced.

Look out for any areas of your deck that may be untreated, rotting, or decaying. Damage like this means that the overall support has been compromised and could lead to a collapse.

Verify that the footers of your deck are the proper width and depth for the size of your structure, and that appropriate fasteners remain securely in place.

Deck safety should never be overlooked, especially during the summer months when the structure experiences increased foot traffic and weight. If you have any suspicion that your deck is not as healthy as it should be, contact a professional for a complete inspection. With one simple call, you can be sure your deck is set up for success and optimal safety for the entire summer.

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