Wood Accent Wall

How to Create an Accent Wall in Your Home Using Wood

Another week has come and gone with you staring at the walls of your home, wanting something more. Sure, that eggshell paint color is charming, but you just crave something with a bit more, well, personality.

No cause to worry – what you need is an accent wall. An accent wall is a single wall in any room of your home (living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, etc) that is different than its surrounding counterparts. These singular walls are known for adding a pop of individuality to the homes they inhabit, and those made with wood are quickly becoming one of the top trends across the United States.

Some ways to add an accent wall to your home with wood include:

Classic Wood
Popular in rustic homes, classic wood accent walls help warm up a room and give it a natural aesthetic. By outfitting a wall of your choice with visibly natural lumber, such as Western Red Cedar, you can transform your space with just a few hours and nails.

Boards and Mouldings
Similar to classic wood styles, yet unique in their own way, pine boards and mouldings as well as MDF boards and panels can quickly take a boring wall and transform it into something any architectural magazine will envy. These boards, mouldings, and panels have a more engineered look and feel than standard lumber, which adds depth and patterns to your space, and allows you to customize your accent wall to a further extent than most other standard products.

Ship Lap
Thanks to a certain HGTV show, ship lap has also become a well-known way to add an accent wall to your home. These pieces are made to fit easily together for a pain-free installation process, and are a clean way to add texture to your wall. Available in sheets with different widths, ship lap can help bring new life to all homes, whether those that are older like in the Brookside or Waldo neighborhoods, or newer contemporary homes popping up closer to downtown Kansas City.

Stop staring at your walls, and instead, start giving them some personality. From simple cedar lumber to more detailed mouldings and ship lap, giving your home an accent wall is the perfect way to show off your unique style.

To learn more or to start building your own wood accent wall, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.