Belco XT Trim on a house

Create a Beautiful Home with Belco XT Trim

You have spent countless hours figuring out the perfect windows, siding, and paint to create a beautiful home exterior in Kansas City, but now you need the finishing touch. You need Belco XT Trim.

Belco XT Trim is a line of preservative-treated natural wood trim that offers beautiful curb appeal to any home, as well as long-lasting performance. Foot for foot, this trim package remains the most cost-effective choice for local homes. Plus, the added financial and visual value to your home is priceless.

Along with saving both time and money, Belco XT Trim offers a variety of other benefits:

Higher Trim Strength

Compared to manmade trim products, treated natural wood XT Trim by Belco has a higher strength to weight ratio. The light-weight, yet durable, nature of the product makes it easy to install, helping you to add both strength and style to your home quickly. It also will help your home stay looking great for seasons—and years—to come.

Beautiful, Versatile Trim Options

Nothing beats the look of natural wood. It is a beautiful option for any Kansas City home, whether traditional, contemporary, or any style in-between. Belco offers a variety of exterior treated natural wood trims that serve as a stunning accent to a home’s exterior. Optionalities for the XT Trim include:

  • Thicknesses: 4/4” and 5/4”
  • Widths: 2” – 12”
  • Lengths: 16’
  • Texture: BrushTex matches siding

Preservative-Treated Trim

Belco’s line of XT Trim is preservative-treated. The natural wood is coated with high-quality protection that will keep it and your home in top condition. This preservative helps to protect against wood-eating bugs who could damage your trim. It is also environmentally friendly and EPA approved. Plus, the preservative includes a 20-year non-prorated warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you and your trim are safe.

We trust Belco to always offer the best-of-the-best building materials, which is why we at McCray Lumber and Millwork are eager to supply you with their line of XT Trim. Ready to get started on the finishing touches of your home project? Request a sample today or contact your McCray Lumber and Millwork sales rep to learn more.