Trex Elevations Deck System

Complete Your Deck with the Trex Elevations Deck System

No home is complete without the right deck, but what makes one deck stand apart from the others? The color? The square footage? The impressive dinner parties thrown on it? The best decks are often a result of something that most people can’t see – the framing.

For any deck, the framing that goes into it is the most important factor in its stability, longevity, and beauty. When you have a frame that is of the best quality and technology, your deck is set up for success from the start. That’s why, when you are looking to build a deck, you should look no further than the Trex Elevations Deck System.

The Trex Elevations Deck System is a one of a kind set of triple coated steel beams, joists, and tracks that work together to create the strongest, straightest, and greenest structures on the market today. The Trex Elevations Deck System is proven to last and to keep your family safe after years of weathering and use, all while staying classically stylish.

With reliability that other materials can’t match and an unparalleled strength that enables for dramatically curved deck designs, the Trex Elevations Deck System is the first choice for builders when looking for structural integrity. Made with a minimum of 25% recycled steel, this system is a 100% renewable resource, meaning that not only does the system have structural integrity, but it has exceptional environmental integrity as well.

The Trex Elevations Deck System isn’t just a smart choice when building your deck, but it is also an investment for the years to come. The rot and termite resistant steel lasts much longer than classic wood, has a Class 1A fire rating, and is chemical free. With minimal upkeep and a Trex 25-year limited residential warranty, the Trex Elevations Deck System is sure to last your home for decades to come.

Available in neutral finish blends, the Trex Elevations Deck System can be matched with almost any decking shade, making the structure less visible from above. With the incredible strength of the system, there is a need for fewer posts, creating less obstructed views from the deck, which only adds to the beauty of the product.

When looking to build your next deck, consider the Trex Elevations Deck System. Not only does it support the deck structure itself, but it will also support you and your family’s best interests for the years ahead.

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