Moulding Profiles

Choosing the Right Moulding for Your Home Project

It doesn’t take an expert designer on HGTV to tell you that a plain room with bare walls from floor to ceiling is, well, kind of boring. Luckily, adding character to your home is easy with moulding. Whether you go all out with multiple forms, or stick to the basics, home moulding instantly adds both style and value to your property.

Three of the most common types of moulding you can choose for your home project include:

Chair Rails
Back in the old days, chair rails where standard for cushioning your wall from guests getting a little too close with their seats. Now, these mid-wall accents are perfect for giving the area a polished, refined look with personality. Chair rails can be customized to fit your tastes with either complementary colors or bold shades that pop. When combined with baseboards, this moulding can tie an entire room together with sleek texture.

When there is an opening in your wall without a door, it can feel very bland. Improve it with moulding that frames the opening, called casing. Not only does casing help the room feel more dimensional and beautiful, but it also helps protect your wall from damage.

Crown Moulding
When most people think of moulding, they picture woodwork that exists at the top of the wall near the ceiling. This is known as crown moulding. Famous for its intricate patterns and deep etchings, crown moulding can be as detailed or as simple as you prefer. This moulding helps bring attention upward, giving the illusion of an expansive space even when the walls are of average height.

Kansas City remodeling or building projects should all consider custom moulding. Whether to help add texture or simply give the room character, homes with moulding gain more value, making it a great choice. To learn more or to find the right moulding for your home, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.

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