Checklist for Building Your Dream Deck

One of the most exciting projects you can take on as a homeowner is building a deck. But before you begin demoing your old deck, you need to have a plan for your new one.

Start planning your dream deck build with this checklist:

Make a List of Your Priorities

Think through how you plan to use the deck and the purposes you need it to serve. For example, you‘ll want to think about the orientation of the deck, where you would like the stairs to go, the lighting features you want to add, etc.

Decide on the Size

The size that your new deck will need to be depends greatly on your individual wants. If you plan to host extravagant cookouts on it, you’ll want to build a bigger space. If you will only spend time out there with a couple of family members, you can opt for a more modest setup.

Figure Out Your Foundation

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of building a new deck is the foundation it will be set on. Inspect your old footings to see if they are healthy enough and in the right location for your new dream deck, and if not, figure out what you will need to do to set yourself up for success.

Research and Choose a Style

From contemporary to classic, there is a deck option for any home. Do your research and find the right style for your space by visiting decking showrooms or talking to neighbors. Also keep in mind any finishing touches like railing and hardware.

Pick Your Materials

Finally, once you’ve locked down the style you want, start shopping for the materials that you need to build your deck. Contact McCray Lumber and Millwork and we can help get anything you need to make your dream deck a reality