Winter Decking Tips from McCray Lumber

Check Your Deck Before Winter

The seasons are changing in Kansas City, and before we know it, there will be snow covering our lawns, homes, and decks. Before the storms hit and the weather becomes too cold to even think about going outside, take a few minutes to inspect your deck.

Regularly taking stock of the health of your deck is the best way to not only keep it looking its best, but also to maintain its safety for you and your family. Small changes in the structural integrity of your deck can have big consequences. Follow the steps below to help keep your home’s deck beautiful and safe this winter.

Check for split or decaying wood.
Look around your entire deck to make sure there is no damage to any wood. No area of your deck should have boards that sway, bend, or warp. Be extra mindful of the major support areas like posts or joists, along with spaces that tend to get and stay damp, and high-traffic spots like stairs.

Look for loose fasteners.
If you have any nails, screws, or other fasteners that appear loose, do your best to tighten them back into place. While doing this, check to see if any have begun to rust or corrode. Now may be a good time to go ahead and replace them, if so.

Inspect electrical elements.
Most decks have access to electrical power outlets to support lights and other outdoor features. Check to make sure your outlets are still working, and that the lighting you have on your deck is adequate for the shorter days ahead.

Clean up the space.
Once all of the leaves on surrounding trees have had a chance to fall, go outside and clean them and any other lingering debris off of your deck. This will help protect the look of your space, and help cut down on any mold or mildew that could begin to grow.

If you notice anything wrong with your deck, act quickly to get it fixed. The sooner you do, the more money, time, and energy you will save. Take care of your deck, and it will give your family years of memories together.