Camo Starter Clips

Camo® Starter Clips Now Available at McCray Lumber and Millwork

We understand that having the best deck in the neighborhood is an important bragging right to have at all of the cul-de-sac gatherings. That is why we are proud to always bring you the best new products to build it with – including the latest Camo Starter Clips. Now available at McCray Lumber and Millwork, these Starter Clips by Camo will help you create a beautiful deck that outlasts and outshines the others on your street.

Camo Starter Clips provide a fastener-free deck surface that is unmatched. Resistant to corrosion and other elements Mother Nature can throw at them, Starter Clips come in a pack of 25 clips and 25 fasteners made out of stainless steel. Along with looking great and keeping your deck safe through their superior strength, Camo Starter Clips are easy to install. Here’s how they work:

Step One: Line Up the Clip
Position the back edge of the clip on the outside of the joist, keeping in mind that it should be centered with the cross-joist. Once you do that, fasten the clip.

Step Two: Repeat
Without skipping any joists, repeat the clip fastening process at each cross.

Step Three: Add Deck Board
After you’ve made sure each clip is secure, install your deck board by tilting it slightly up and pushing it into the clips.

Step Four: Enjoy
It’s as easy as that! You can now enjoy your new deck.

Camo Starter Clips are the perfect solution for your home deck remodel or build. Easy to install and even more stunning over the course of a lifetime, this deck fastening system makes building your dream deck a reality. To learn more or to get Camo Starter Clips for your deck, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.