Camo Fasteners

The Camo Edge Deck Fastening System

Installing a deck that is safe, secure, and beautiful is easy when you use the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System. The Camo System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deck board to create a fastener-free deck surface and appearance. Gone are the days of bulky visible decking hardware. This state of the art system is, quite literally, “changing the face of decking”.

The Camo Edge Deck Fastening System helps to perfectly space each board of your deck as you lay it, and guide the screw easily into the joist. The patented screw then attaches the deck board to the actual frame of the deck, ensuring a more stable, trusted structure, without any visible fasteners.

An added benefit of the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System is that the fasteners themselves are easy to remove, should you ever need to replace a scratched, stained, or chipped deck board. Unlike other fasteners that make you work from the outside in, the Camo System allows for you to remove fasteners at any location, making repairs simple and efficient.

Tested by Uplift Resistance industry standards, the Camo Edge Deck Fastening System exceeds expectations when it comes to the flawless installation of all solid wood, grooved wood, composite, and PVC based decking. The Camo Fasteners are also a leader when it comes to Thermal Cycling standards, and come with a lifetime warranty to protect against rust and other corrosion.

The Camo Edge Deck Fastening System is easy to use, and requires no tools that you don’t already have fast access to. Invest in the Camo System today, and create a safe, secure, and beautiful deck for your home and loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

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