Camo Drive Deck Fastening System used on a a deck

Camo® Drive™ Deck Fastening System

With warmer weather finally here, there is no better time to build a new deck. Plus, with the Camo Drive Deck Fastening System, you can ensure that your deck building experience this spring is the best. Now in stock at McCray Lumber and Millwork, the Camo Drive system’s stand up tool helps create safe, beautiful decks faster than ever before.

A 2019 Best of IBS Award Winner, this deck fastening system by Camo boasts a number of benefits, including:

Saves Time
This new tool from Camo allows for up to five times faster installation than other leading competitors, saving you priceless time. In fact, when you use the Edge Guide, an 8’ treated lumber deck board can be installed in as little as 20 seconds – and that includes both sides! This quick process eliminates excess hassle, while giving you those precious hours back from the jobsite.

Easy to Install
The Camo Drive Deck Fastening System is easy to learn and even easier to operate. Just attach your own drill to the Camo Drive, select which fastening method you are using (Camo Edge Clips, Edge Screws, or Face Screws), attach the appropriate guide, then power on your drill for a fast, simple install. Plus, this system allows you to stay standing, taking away that annoying pain from hours spent working from your knees.

Incredible Versatility
Compatible with the three most popular fastening methods (Camo Edge Clips, Edge Screws, and Face Screws), the Camo Drive comes with the corresponding guide for each fastener needed. Plus, the tool can be used on a number of different deck surfaces – from treated lumber to cedar to composite and more -, eliminating the need to change tools for each project.

Along with being simple to use, quick to install, and perfect for any deck, the Camo Drive Deck Fastening System is an affordable option for your project. Visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today to learn more and to find the Camo Drive Deck Fastening System for your build today.