Camo Screw Color Matcher

Camo® Deck Screw Color Matcher and Fastener Calculator

Building a new deck for your home or renovating an existing structure is a big task. From choosing a style to making sure your measurements all equal up to actually installing the materials, building a deck consists of a lot of small steps that result in a large end result. Camo is here to help you make sure no small detail is overlooked with their Screw Color Matcher and Fastener Calculator tools.

With easy online access, these predictive tools help you determine the exact shade of screws that will match your project, and the number of fasteners you will need to complete the job. Free and available 24/7, Camo makes the job of finishing your deck build easy.

Screw Color Matcher
When using the Camo Screw Color Matcher, simply select your Decking Type, Manufacturer, and Decking Color. Once you have chosen the details of your deck, submit your request, and the smart technology will calculate the perfect shade of screw to complement your project. Simple, fast, and accurate, this color choosing software allows you to rest easy knowing that the screws you choose for your project will blend in beautifully.

Fastener Calculator
The Fastener Calculator by Camo will give you the number of fasteners you need for your deck build with just four easy selections. Simply choose whether you will be needing Clips or Screws, input your Deck Area, select the preferred Measurement, and determine the proper Joint Spacing. Once done, submit your request, and the Fastener Calculator will give you the approximate amount you will need instantly. With these calculations, there will be no need to worry about whether you got the right amount – and no emergency trips to the hardware store.

Take the guesswork out of the finishing details of your deck build with the Camo Screw Color Matcher and Fastener Calculator. When you use these convenient online tools, you will be just a few clicks away from the deck of your dreams.

To learn more or to get started building your new deck, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork.