Buying New Windows in Kansas City? Make Sure You Ask About Warranty!

There are many things you’ll want to consider when purchasing new windows in Kansas City but among the different, sizes, designs and colors, warranty is an important feature that often gets overlooked. Warranties on windows can be very different, depending on the manufacturer that made your window. The length of the warranty, what the warranty covers, and how much the warranty covers can all vary greatly, so it’s important to ask about it while you’re shopping around.

Warranties on new and replacement windows can range from 10 years to 20 years, and in some cases, even over 40 years or for the lifetime of the window. Certain warranties are even pro-rated, which means that the warranty will extend over a certain period of time; but the amount the warranty will cover, and certain parts of the window covered, will decrease over time. So the longer you’ve had the window, the lower your warranty will be.

Unlike other products however, simply looking at the length of the warranty isn’t enough. You also need to compare warranties from different manufacturers to see which parts of the window they will cover. Some will only cover replacement window materials but not the labor costs. Some manufacturers will even place warranties on certain features of the window, such as the “seal failure” warranty.

Choosing a warranty is an important part of choosing the right windows for your home. It could be the tiebreaker when you can’t decide between two different styles; or it could have you looking at entirely different manufacturer. A good warranty on your windows really can make that big of a difference.