Build Faster and Smarter with ZIP System Sheathing and Tape

In the typical building process, housewrap or felt is installed over the wood sheathing panels to provide a moisture barrier before siding and roofing is installed. After it has been nailed or stapled to the sheathing, the housewrap must be taped to seal all the seams. While this method gets the job done, it is a time consuming process that requires at least two installers. And if not done correctly, it can cause mold and moisture issues. Huber Engineered Woods has developed an innovate product that allows you to build smarter and faster.

ZIP System sheathing system combines two products, sheathing and a moisture barrier, into one product. The ZIP System engineered wood sheathing panels include a built-in protective barrier that is water-resistant and vapor permeable, eliminating the need for housewrap. ZIP System flashing tape features an advanced adhesive that provides an exceptional airtight and watertight seal.

ZIP System sheathing and tape streamlines the weatherization process and reduces installation time, allowing installation to be completed 40 percent faster than with housewrap.  Simply install the panels and seal with ZIP System tape. Taping can be easily completed as a one-man job. Stretch tape is also available that stretches to conform to challenging curves and corners and can also be removed and repositioned to achieve the perfect application. Siding and roofing can be installed directly on top of the ZIP System sheathing.

In addition to allowing faster installation, ZIP System sheathing provides a number of other benefits for homeowners. It reduces air leakage, which decreases drafts and keeps out dust, insects, pollutants, and odors. Because it protects against water intrusion while still allowing the panels to dry properly, it also reduces the risk of water vapor collecting, which can lead to mold and mildew. ZIP System also improves the energy efficiency and interior comfort of the home. Most homes with ZIP System save an average of 11 percent on heating and cooling bills.

ZIP System sheathing panels are available in three thicknesses, allowing you to choose the strength and protection you need. Long-length panels can help reduce the number of seams required. Huber offers a 30-year warranty on both the air and water penetration properties and the panel structure.

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