Build a Safe, Reliable Deck with Deckorators Composite Decking

May is Deck Safety Month, making it the perfect time to think about the safety and stability of your deck and look for ways to improve it. The decking material from which your deck is constructed can factor into the longevity and stability of your deck. Over time, wood decking can rot, warp, and splinter, leaving your deck vulnerable to damage or a collapse. Composite decking, however, offers superior durability over wood decking, which means less maintenance and less worry.

If you’re building a new deck, expanding an existing deck, or just making improvements to your current deck, Deckorators composite decking is the ideal decking material. Unlike wood decking, Deckorators composite decking will not rot, splinter, split, or warp and it is also impervious to woodpeckers, termites, and other wood-boring insects. Deckorators composite decking also stands up better to the elements, including snow, rain, hail, and ice, than wood decking. It is created using the Strandex extrusion process, which produces a deck board that is stronger and more reliable than both wood decking and the average composite decking. This, in turn, allows you to create a stronger and more reliable deck.

Any skepticism about the performance of this product will be alleviated by the warranty. Deckorators composite decking offers the best warranty in the industry. Not only does it carry a 25-year stain and fade warranty and a 25-year structural warranty, but it also carries a 25-year removal and replacement warranty that is not offered by any other decking manufacturer.

Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. Deckorators composite decking gives you the best of both worlds: the beauty of wood with the durability of composite decking. Deckorators composite decking comes in a variety of finishes and features beautiful and realistic wood grain patterns. Deckorators also offers post caps, balusters, and other decorative deck accessories to create a stunning and unique deck.