Maximize Your View with LiftSlide and Bifold Doors from Loewen

Open up your world with LiftSlide and Bifold doors from Loewen. These beautiful doors remove the boundary between you and your view and let you bring nature in. Whether you have a beautiful lake view that you want to take full advantage of or just want to take out the barriers between you and your backyard landscape, these doors are the way to do it.

Lift and slide and bifold doors have become a hot trend in the past few years. They allow homeowners to replace walls with an expansive wall of glass panels that offer wide-spanning, unobstructed panoramic views and maximum daylight. When opened, these doors extend your living space, allowing you to blend your indoor environment with your outdoor living space.

Loewen LiftSlide and Bifold doors blend innovative design and artistry to create dramatic impact. The interior features the warm, rich texture of Douglas fir. Honduran Mahogany is also an option. The doors coordinate perfectly with other Loewen products, offering consistent appearance, quality, and function.

Which door is right for you? Both door styles offer unique benefits and both will add dimension and beauty to your home.

LiftSlide Doors

Loewen’s LiftSlide doors slide on an inconspicuous, flush track for seamless and effortless opening and closing. Because they slide rather than open in or out, they do not take up any valuable floor space, inside or out. This offers better flexibility with placement of interior and exterior furnishings.

LiftSlide doors are available in configurations of up to 16 panels, allowing for openings up to 52 feet wide. They are manufactured in straight, radius, serpentine, corner, and angled configurations, in both jamb and pocketing systems, to fit virtually any need. The pocketing system allows the panels to disappear completely into the wall, removing the wall completely from view. The optional retractable screen system is a great addition to allow you to enjoy the view and fresh air while keeping bugs, or maybe even the family pet, out.

Bifold Doors

Loewen’s bifold doors features a series of panels that are attached to one another and fold open accordion style. They fold to the outside to provide maximum interior floor space and prevent disturbing interior furnishings and window treatments. As with the LiftSlide doors, the bifold doors can be kept closed for privacy and protection while still offering unobstructed views, or opened to blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Loewen’s bifold doors are available in configurations of up to 16 panels, allowing for openings up to 52 feet side, with eight panels folding in each directions. One suggestion we offer is to consider installing an odd number of panels. This will allow you to dedicate one panel as a normal swing door that can be used to go in and out without having to open all of the panels.